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HONDAPaper book Part no. 66ZV101 BFSD·BF!iA CONTENTS .....•••..••...•..•.. , • • I. SPECIFICATIONS 3 1. SPEC1FICATIONS • 3 .•••..••......•.. , • • 2. DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS • • . . • . . • • . . . • • 4 II. SERVICE INFORMATION 5 .•.......•...•..... 1. GENERAL SAFETY 5 .••....••..•..•.... 2. SERVICE RULES 5 ...••.....• , . . .••. , .. 3. SERIAL NUMBER LOCATION 5 •.•••.. , • . , . . 4. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS ••••••..•.. · .• 6 5. TORQUE VALUES 7 • . • • • . . ••.....••..•• II. SPECIAL TOOLS 8 ••.••................ 7. WIRING DIAGRAM • 10 •••.••••.•..••.•.•• 8. lVBE ROUTING 11 • ••••..•••.•••••..••• 5. TROUB..OOTING 12 • ••••••.•..••..••. •...•..••..••. 10. MAINTENANCESCHEDULE 15 ...••. 11. RECOMMI!NDED SERVICE MATERIALS 16 12. LUBRICATIONQIART 17 ...•••••.•...•••• . • . • • • Ill. MAINTENANCE • 18 • . . • • • . . . . • • • . • . . . I. ENGINE OIL 18 • . • .•••••••• • • • . . . • . • • • • 2. GEAR OIL 19 ••.••••.••••• . . • • • • • . • • • • • • • • • • . • • • • • • • • • • . . • • • • 3. SPARK nuG 19 4. VALVE CLEARANCE 20 . . . • • . . . • • . • . . . • • • 5. FUEL LINE fiLTER 20 •••.•••.• • • • . • . • • • • 6. FUEL TANK FILTVI • 21 ..•••.•• • • • • . . • . • • • 7. CARBURETOR • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 21 8. Tl4ROTTLE CABLE • 22 .•... • . . • . • • • . , • • • • • • • • . • • • , •.•• !i. THROTTLE OPENER SYSTEM 22 . . • • • • . . • • • • . • • . • . . • • • • • 10. SHIFT ROD 23 • 11. REVERSE LOCK 23 ••...•••..• • . •.•.•••• IV. DISASSEM8LY AND SERVICE . • • • . . . ...•••••• 1. DISASSEI\IBLY CHART ...........• , ..•• ..••....• 2. ENGINE COVER/RECOIL STARTER 26 3. CAR8URE'TORIFUEL PUMl' 29 . . ... . . ... , •••. ..••••. 4. FLYWHEEL/ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 34 5. ENGINE REMOVAL 39 . . • • • • . . . . • ••.••••. . 7. OIL PAN 45 ••••.••••• •.•.•••••••••.•• 8. CRANKSHAFT/PISTON .•.•. ·• •••••..•... 48 9. Tl4ROTTLE CA8LE/HANDLE 56 . . • • • • • . . • ••. 10. EXTENSION CASE/SWIVEL CASE/ STERN BRACKET 59 • • . • • • • . . • • • • • . • • . • . 11. GEAR CASE REMOVAL 62 .•.••.••.•••.•••. • • . • • . • • • . 12. PROPELLER st4AFT/GE,A.R CASE • 63 • • . • • • . . • . . . . . . • . . • . • . 13. FUEL TANK 69 . . V. OPTIONAL PARTS • . • , • • • • • • . • • • · • • • • • • • · 70 1. REMOTE CONTROL BRACKET KIT 70 • . •..•••• 2. DCQIARGING AND LIGHTING KIT 74 • . •.••••• 6. CYLINDER HEADNALVE •.•.•••••.••.• VI. OPERATION •.•••••• ••••.••.•••••.••••• 1. LUBRICATION SYSTEM . ..•..• • • ••..••.• 2. COOLING SYSTEM • 3. POWERTRAIN · •••••• ••.••••••••••.•• 4. FUEL SYSTEM . . •.••••..•... ...••.•• 5. NEUTRAL START SYSTEM . 77 • . . . . . . .•••.•• 79 6. THROTTLE OPENER SYSTEM 80 .......••••.. 7. HALF THROTTLI JYSTEM • 81 ••.•..• .•••••• HONDA BF!5D·BF5A PREFACE Thi' manual covers tht construction, function and servicill!J procedure of theHonda 8F50·BFSAoutb01rdmotor. Careful observance of these instructionswm result in bette,. yfar service work. I. SPECIFICATIONS HONDA BFSO•BFSA 1. SPECIFICATIONS 1. SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT Overall width Over.U hei'fl.. Dfy wt"'!l Operati ng weight (incld. oil I Tilting Type Total piston displac:emt t Fuel consumption ratio Coolingsymmlgnittonsymtnlgnitton timi Spori body dapth Pinon D. D. lat skirt) Pitton pinh..t t.D. Piston pin O.D. Ptrton pif)-\0-piRon c:t.ennot Pinon ringside c:le...,ee TOfi/Socord/OilRlngondgap Top/Secord/011 Cylinder Sl-1.0. 6 HONDA BFSO·BF!SA S1andard 1,300±100mln'1 (rpm) (in Fo!W11td) 4,500t 100kPo (4.5> 1 kgtom2• - 2-3/8tums - 9.()-11.0 mm (0....43 In) - so'-S4'C.t122'-140'Fl· - 3-4 mm (0.12--{).16 in) - 0.7-0.8 mm (0.029-0.031 in) 0.06-0.14 mm 10.002--{).006 in) 0.11--{).19 mm 10.004-0.007 in) - 5.49 mm (0.216 in) 6.45 mm (0.2161n) 5.44 mm (0.214 in) 5.41 mm (o.2131n) 5.50 mm(0.217 in) 5.54 rnm (0.2181n) 5.60 I'M1 (0. 217 in) 5.57 mrn(0.219 in) 0.020--{).044 mm (0.0008-0.0017 In) O.o7 mm (0.003 In) 0...0.087 mm (0.0024-0.0034 in) 0.15 mm (0.0015 In) 0.8 mm(0.03 in) 1.80 mm (O.o70 In) 29.60mm {1.185 In) 29.10 mm {!.108 in) 27.710mm (1.0909 in) 27.45 mm11.0811n) 27.747 mm (1.0924 in) 27.50 mm {1.083lnl 13.984 mm (0.6508 in) 13.116 mm 10.5411 in) 23.15 mm (0.911 in) 23.20 mm {0.913 in) 0.15mm 10.00151n) MIIX, 0.20 mm (0.006 In) 0.15--{).21 mm (0.008-0.008 in) o.26 mm (0.010 inl 11.98 mm (0.412 in) 11.95 mm (0.470 In) 12.00 mm (0.472 In) 12.08 mm 10.4751n) 0.11 mm (0,004 In) 59.985 mm [2.3616 in) 58.92 mm (2.368 In) 18.002 mm {0.7087 In) 18.02 mm (0.709 in) 18.000 mm [0.7087 in) 17.97 mm [0.707 in) 0.002--{).014 mm [0.0001-0.0008 In) 0.04 mm (0.002 In) 0.015--{).046 mm (0.0006-0.0018 in) 0.10mm (0.004 in) 0.15--{).35 mm10.008-0.014 In) 0.50 mm [0.020 In) 60.000 mm [2.3622 in) 80.07 mm (2.3611 in) HONDA BFSO•BF5A Connecting rod Small. end I.D. Big end radial clearance Big end ..ur.ial cletr-"et Crank$hah Crank.pin 0.0. Joumal 0.0. tat oil pan) Oil pen 1.0. Propeller shaft Re..erte Bevel gear 1.0. Forward Revtr&t Pinion shaft 0.0. (at gear cast) Gtar case 8ushif'lg 1.0. Transistorlzed ignition coil Secondary 5. TORQUE VALUES Standard Service Limit 18.005 mm (0.7089 inl 18.04 mm {0.710 in) 0.04 0.063 mm (0.001Ł-0.0025 in) o.oe mm (0.003 in) 0.1-0.7 mm (0.004-0.028 in) 1.00 m.m (0,039 lnJ 29.98 mm (1.180 in) 29.95 mm {1.179 in) 24.993 mm (0.9840 in) 24.97 mm (0.983 in) 25.013 mm (0.9848 in) 25.04 mm (0.988 in) 11.984 mm (0.4718 in) 12.984 mm (0.5112 in) 12,95 mm (0.510 In) 12.00 mm (0.472 inl 12.04 mm (0.474 in) 13.00mm (0.512 inl 13.04 mm (0.613 inI 12.984 mm (0.5112 1n) 12.95 mm (0.510 in) 13.00 mm (0.512 i.nJ 13.04 mm (0.513 inl 0.7-0.9!'! 6.3-7.7 kSl - Standard tOfQU.. values 7 6. SPECIAl TOOLS 1 Floetlevel gauge 2 Pin driver, 2.5 mm Pif'l dtiYtt, 3 mm 4 An1chment, 32 x 35 mm 5 Attlc:hrntnt. 37 x 40 mm 8 Antchmtnt.. 42 x •7 mm Attachment..52x 55 mm Orlwr• .Omm 8 An.c:hmtnt. 2S mm 10 Pilot. 20mm 11 Pilot,25 mm 12 Pilot.28 mm 13 Driver Vatvtsan cun:er. 45° 15 VttveMit t\lttt1'. .. 16 Cutter holder 17 FlywhHI puller 18 8qring remoĄtr 1\anctlt 18 Bterlng remover weight 20 Belring rwnovtt. 20 mm Vatw gu;de driver Pin-.2mm 23 PlndrtYer.' mm Pinfllr• tDol. 3.0 nwn Pin r-.nover shift3.Dmm 26 Vtlvt ;uide , 27 8 077<14-0010 077 8 10100 07746-0030100 07746-0041100 07748-0010000 07780-0012100 or 07938-3710100 0783&--3710200 07936--3710600 0784 -3290100 07888-V10100 07--2000000 HONDA BFSO•BFI!!IA Cwburttor floet ltĄtl i..IOf'l 2.6mm spring pin removtVinstJIItt'on 3.0 mm aprlng pin ttmovtlllnsullatlon Swlvtl CIJIoil "''· 13 mm W11tef "'' lnst.llttlon Crtnbhtftoil •I. couplins...,l lnnelljtlon ..bearing <...-cae} inrt...ltatio n 6206 burl,. (fNr caM) inn.ellltion U• wlth 07748-0030200 (9) Tlmlng_l_l_ 1004--.. ... _, inslollarion 1205 bewing fo•«t::Mt) inrtala.tion H.,..jlo lot tools141tlvu (7) and 1101 "'"' 112) } Volvo-reconditioning Flywhtll rtmoval u.. wlth 07936-3710600 420) u.. with 0711345-3710600 1201 Valwtuldt r..l/lnstlllat.ion 2 """...,ng pin..........vinslollotion 4 mm tprl,.. pl.n rtmOY&J/instiUation PnipollerWitdis./-y U• wi1h .. V10000 124) HONDA BFI50•BF!5A r loooe cylinder CYLINDER COMPRESSION CO PRESSI N OK 1• Remo\11 1:ht sperfc plug, ground the spark lrt1d. and install a compression gwge in tht sf)lrk plug hole, 2t Use the throttle friction knob to hotd lht thronle In the fu11y open p01ition andpull out the chocke knob to hold it in thefully open position. 3) Operate the recoil st.a.Ur until the higtlest rttding ts rudltd. 4,500 i 100kh (4.5• 1 kg/cm1,64 :t 14 psi)/600 min'1 (rpm} 4) Remove thecompression gauge andretns11t1the plug. 12 • Ch.ck for exceaiw C8fbon build up in combustion et..mbtr • Check for ct.meged cylinder heed gasket, valve ornlwe.... HONDA BF!5D•BF!5A b. POOR PERFORMANCE HUNTING OVERHEATING • FaultY JP&rk plug • F loodtd carburttor • lmproperiy iidju ted pilot screw • Air luting PJSt carburetor insulator caused bydamaged • Choke stuck cloMd • Improper vtlft timing • Watk in atburetor • Overheating • Improper .,,,.,. &eat contiC't • F-..lty carburetor throttle valve Impro rlyadjusted pjfot screw • Lean fuet•air mixture • Air leaking past carburwtor inwlator usedby dameged galorl: Plug BPRSES(NGK). W1&EPMJCNO) 2) V-ly 1-lllo plUg. Diocerd lllO plug H II Is hoevilylod 0< If"" I...IIIOf "cnockod"'cNppod. 3)JWt--or -dopoolu whtl o nlff wlro bN"'. a) _,. 111o plug 1111> with o wl,..type fwlor-· Sport< """ "" If odjuot"'" gop by bondq "'" tlclo 5) -· ..... "'" ...... _ .. "'good--·""""" -" """' In by bond un1illt - 6) Af1or tho -'t .... Is 11110d, .. willl I oporl: plugwnnc:h to..,..lhl..._. If iNalllng I now IPirl: pklg. lighiOn f/2 tum ohor tho spork plug ••ts .., --tho -.., . If rolnrlllling o u•d _. plut, lillh•n 1/8.., 114 wm ohor tho -'< 1'4ut ,. .. to CCNIIIPit•h Wllhlr. ly ,...._-_., .... ..... ,-y- ............... 7) lnnoll thooporl: plug cop. 19 BFISD•BFISA (I)OtL I.EVILPLUG [Z} DIIAifl PLUG HONDA BFEiO•BFEiA 4. VALVE CLEARANCE lt Removethe cyllndet heed cover and allon the "T' martc:on the flywheel with the "AT.. metk ontht t;nlttoncon. Meke suretha1 mepWtonisIt TDC of the compression sirokt. 2) ...,.,,. the e!Mr.wt between tht valveand the rocker arm by INtrtlng a1hic:kneN v-uge. 3) If the valve clearance it not within the spectf.ed range,adjust by loosening the lock nut wt.ile holding the pivot. NOW' tum the pivot. TURNING IN: DECREASE CLEARANCE TURNING OUT: INCREASE CLEARANCE 4}Hold the pivot end tighten the locknut. 6) Recheckthl valw cleerence. 5. FilL UIIE FILTER Wmr or lldlmtntec::cumJJaud inthe fuel filter can causelos of powt.f .. herd surting. To prevent engine malfunction. rtf).tee the fuelfilttrregularly. • Ga:IOiine Isft.nmlbll and exploli" undtr cwtllin .. clhiom. Do not .noUor .. low flam•or ....,.....,. t'M _..,_.wtlllo ..........full. • AJwwyswork in• ••U.....,titellld ...... • .. .. ,. th.,. lftY ....... fuel is stored inufe contltnlt. 1) Tum the futl unk Yent knob tothe OFF posftion and remove the enoine cov.r. 21 lnltall rubo eJ-on the. fuel DJbes oneiChside of tllo filto< top..t fuel ..·· R..tnt fuel fUter. 3} lnsttll a new fuel fllttr with the arrow on the filter pofntlng toWal'dthe carburetor. 4) Remove the tube clamp$, turn the fueltank ventknobto the ON position. pumptheprimer bulb and cM<:k for fuel teab. [21 ROCKER ARM [81PIVOT (IJ ARROW 6. FUElllll FILTER • C..OUnt is fl.mnlllll:ttt: end a;plosive under oertain c:on· dltions. Do not smoke or allow flames or sperks near tht eqy.. whUe drainint fuel. • AM-r• WOfk ina well-t.tMIIated aru. 1) Remcwetht fut) lint connector by removing th& two bolts. 2) Remove 1M futl filtlf from the end of the fuel pick-up pipe .nd ctnr'l it. 3)ln.n:all the fuelfitter scrwn and futl llnt connector 8fld tighten the bolts securely. 7. CAIIIURETOR a. Idle speed • WITH TI!ST PROPŁLLER 1) lnsull a tttt popeUer on the propeUer shaft end mount the outbolrd motor in a w.ter tank whh the Wate1 lewl rt lust 4 inchts about the anti-caviution pltte. 2) San the engineend let it Idle until Itreaches nonnal opwatlng amperaw.re. 3)M011e the shrtt lenr to the "FORWARD" position and tum the nop tCrtW in or out as nec:esgry until the speci­fied idle speed is obtained. • WITH STANDARD PROPELLER Wi'ttl the outbolrd motor inmt.led on a boat inthe _,.,, run the engine With 1N ltlndlrd ptOPeller, and tdjust idle speed a ct. scribed eboĄe. • WITH·NO LOAO (SHIFT L.aVIR IN NEUTRAL) 1) Atmore the prapeUer. end mount the outbowd motor In awater tank with the ..r ltwl at least 4 inches above the enti-cnitatfonpiau. A WJter tank is not reQUired If a hose is conniCtlld from a water ftuee1 to the oumo.d motor. using a hote couple (optional pen). • R..,.;ag the entlnt without wa..r CWJ ..,.. terious....,.. -.., .. to o..rfleeti"lf. lk sun tNt ..wr -"""' ,. --hot. while ,. ...... b fV:niWJt. If ._ tiM tnti• and...,...,... auee of doe-. 2) Start the ....ne lnd id.le until it retches nonn.l opereting temperltUre. 3) Turn the ttuottje rtop screw in or ou1 .s necessary until the spteifitcl no loed idle $pee i' obtain.d. HONDA BFSO•BFSA (31 FUEL LINE CONNECTOR HONDA BFSD•BFSA b. Pilot screw If the pilot screw setting nttds:adjustment. 11 Turn the pilot ac::rtw in or out Untll the engine runs at che highen idle fl)m, lf the pi\ot SCttW has been rtmOYed and repfec:ed. mrt with ., inititl wtting of 2.3/8 tums out from the fullyeiOMd position. 2) Tum the throttle stoptereowto obtain the specifitd Idle speed.. 8. THimllŁ CABlŁ 1) Remove the recoil mrur. 21 With the thtottlo grip In "S..OW" posl11on, odjun the dl_,.,. bttWMn the ce• br.ckl't and the end of theClb4e theatt'l to 9.0 ±o.& mm (0.354 ± 0.1120 in) by looteniogtho loci or ..,,_,..,u con bo -icod with the ....,.,. lnnafled in tM unit. IGNITION COIL RECOIL STARTER FLYWHEEL TtiERMOSTAT CARBURETOR CYLINDER HEAD COVER ROCKERARM PUSH ROO VALVE LI TER VALVE SPRING ' ' 8. CRANKSHAFT/PISTON 9.THROTTLECABL..DLE 111. EXTENSION CASE/SWIVEL CASE/ STERN BRACICET 11. GEAR CASE REMOVAL 12. PROPELLER SHAFT/GEAR CASE 11 FUEL TANK The foUowino Pttts or c:omponena: must be ...Viced lft:t:r ....,..,;"' ""' ....... CYLINDER HEAD VALVE PUMP OIL PAN CAMSHAFT MOUNT FRAME CRANKSHAFT SWIVEL CASE CONNECTING ROD STERN BRACKET CYLINDER BLOCK PROPELLER SHAFT ENGINE HOUSING GEAR CASE STEERING HANDLE WATERP\JMP EXT!N.SIONCASE 25 HONDA BF.I!SO• BFI!SA 2. ENGINE COVER/RECOIL SllRTER a. DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY 11118rom NUT 26 [10) 6x 1&mm HEX. BOLT (3) RECOIL STARTER [I)14nom PUIN WASHER [7) 14 mm WAVE WASHER Align tho ho4e In tho ._ with the fllb on the c:cMit kxk lner. HONDA. BF60•BFI5A • RECOIL STARTER a. OISASSEMBL Y/REASSEMBL Y Be c:..tful not 10 •Itow tpringto..mp out. -ropo lonflh: (4) RECOIL STARTER CASE REASSEMBLY: If the sprh'lt Is weakened or damaged. ..feet It together with tMplm. Antf'l'lble tM spring end plttees sllown. ltl·2 FRICTION PLATE TAll A REASSEMBLY: (10) 6 nwn NUT HQOk tht outtt tnd of the $tarter return sprint Into lhe groove in the Uart.. ret I. HONDA BF!SD•BFBA • STARTER REEL (REASSEMBLY) 1) lmt·•l1 tht rt1Um spring to th& spring retaintttNn install •1 Whilt holding 1111 •01>0 ..s in tile notdl en tile odfoof into tN aan.r cas. by hooking the sprino outtr tnd to the tetl. route d'l.t rMI counttrdockwhe two bHN to the ctnttf ot the groowof the retainer and Inner tnd to pmo«t ttlt tt'Nm aping.the tlb on eM c••· 2) Roull ont tnd of the startl'r rope through tnt holt in the.t..ntr rttl andtit 1 knot in th8 M'ld. 5) Pass tht rope tfld through the hote out of tht n.rur CIM by holdlne tht ltlrt:er reel. lfWft thot rope hno tht tttrwr grip m ttl ..... rope end and lnttall thl grip up: 8} Install the Nbbtr culhion, sterter gur, friction aprlng and f•lctlon plrto and tlg..ten 1t1e 6 mm !Iongonut. 3.. Wed" t:M tnd of dle rope in the notch on tN edge of tho ,.., ond hmall tile <001 al.. 1111 ..-in tho _, -""' tpring ond. 7J Pull the ,.,., ropt slowly 11'.::1 c:heck the opttttk>n of the n..,., ;etr lnd ttwrn oftht rope. (1]GROOVE 3. CARBUIETOR/FUEL PUMP a. DISASSEMBLY/REASSEMBLY HONDA BF!5D•BFI5A tho tab Pass the rod through tht hoM In t e t rottle rod holder lifter i nalling it on the throttle arm on the Cll"burttor. P.32 REA SEMBLY: lnsull with lhe ..Mil ho'­ in the thennosttt toWird the wattf .. side as shown. (19).1 WA ER (-. (18) INTAKE M NIFOLD GASKET Choclc for damogo.Note the instillation di ee· tion. [17) INTAKE M NIFOLD REASSEMBLY: 29 (16 fUEL TUBE (3.5x29&mml {4.5 x 80 mm) Connect the e.bt. end to tht c:hokt arm. thtn push the cable sheeth into the air ..,ide slot • fw as it will oo. end·MCUre with the (10] FUEL TUBE 13.& x ISS mml RE SSEMBLY: After Installing the c.arbu or, in•rt the tube into the drtln hole 6 x 34 mm SPECIAL BOLT 12) RE EMBLY: Connect othef end to the Connect the •••• wrth tho NT pink paint m.. row.rd t e carburttCK end the gree-n paint mari< toWard the die· phregm. [16)·3 (1&)-4 • CARBURETOR HONDA BFI5D•BFl5A • L.-. 1N .,." .,..... md dnin tN c.burttof btrfon 111 THROTTLE ITtW SCREW ADJUSTMENT: P.21 Blow _., oil cotbuntQ< body oponlno< will> ec>mp...sod 1lr be­fore (10] MAIN JET C/175) REAIIEM L Y: CIMn thCK'OUgtlly with c:ompms- [S) D AIN SCREW 30 Check for worn v•lvt Of wtlk spring. Rapl«.e If .........,, Stt tht vttvt on me flott erm fiS shown. P.32 HONDA BF!SD•BF!iA • FUEL PUMP Push tht diaphragm doWn and tum it until the foot it peoinel with tt'le groove inthe pu$h rod. REAJIEMBLY: Check tht dttphregm f r holt:s, deterioration and te.n. Ae;tltce ;t necnurv. (10] VALVE REAS$EM8L Y: (8] VALVE SPRINGS (7] PUMP UI'I'ER BODY (3] PUS ROD REASSEMBLY: (2] PUMP LOWEA BODY \ "·--··.. (5] DIAP RA M SPRING (8] RETAINING B LT HONDA BF!SD•BFISA b. INSPECTION • THERMOSTAT 1) Inspect d'lt thennOI'fat wi.U.Jly for dlrnage. 21 SJsptnd the tMtmORit in heated we11r to dltck lu operation. Oo not Itt the thermostat orthermometer touch the pan or fllst r11ding1 will rtsutt. (2]THEIIMOITAT HEATER srt-54•c 1122"-l:l$.Fl heatedtomorethtn 64•c (1 :m•F) forfive minutia. 3) R4tpl101 the ttlennottlt if the vatve sttys optn at roomttm· peratuf"'. or if it responds It ttmp«a.. otntr 1htn thole -..ltd. o FUEL PUMP ChecktM f1ictionturf..ot ontht push rodfor Wllr usl.n9 1 feelet geuge, end ttpltct thepush· rod-with a r.-w one If it il worn more th1n 0.06mm (0.002 inI. o CARBURETOR FLOAT LEVEL PosltJon tht carburetor as shown, and mttaurt the dictance be­tween the flott top and the carburetor body when the floatjust conuetl tht fl01t nlwe. FloĄ! t.wl c.nnot tM .:Jjosted. If the levtl k out of spec:itO .M>n• ...,..,.m. tlolt« me·-· • FUEL PUMP DELIVERY • o.oNnt h wn.in con-dition.. Do ftOC ..U or allow n.m. or •rtu ,.., the _......,, ....... dniDifttfUel. • Ahnys WOI'tlln t wea....tU:.tad 1ru. 1) Oitconntct tht futl lint tt the Cllburttor. Connect the fuel tubt to • contlintr thlt can bt M:kled the fl.ttl to tht wburttot. 2) Stert thl t.,.int tnd Mt fuel ftow Into a eonuiner for 1 minUte and ..,.. tN delivery volume. Fuel puT'IP defNwy will • pump body umptr'ltUre rl-. • FUEL PUMP DELIVERY PRESSURE 1) Oitconnoot tht futl line 1t the c:•rburetor, and corm4ct a Pftl• surt QIUOI (Max. 1 kg/cm2 sctlt). 2) Start tht t"'ttnt tnd measure the futl pr"llJrt, Specified futl preuure 33 HONDA BFSO• BFI!SA HONDA BFBD•BF!SA 4. FLYWHEEL/ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT a. DISASSEMBLY/REASSEMBLY • FLYWHEEL/IGNITION COIL using the FLYWHEEL When loosefling or t;ghtening, hokl the c..nkslu+t by l.nsentng a screwdriver or equivalent tnto the holot in tht sttrter pulley. 70-80 N·m (700-800 kfl'CITI, PULLER. Align the dowel bols on the pulley with the ho,. in the fly· whHI. Screw th8 switch into the sue-ring hancllt befon routing tf'le wire through the ho,. In tf'le engiM housing. lntert a long thic:kness 91U9! be:twei!'n the coil end flywheel, then push the coil toWard ttwt flv· whHI while ti9httnint tht bolu. The clnranot at both •nds of tht coil ..st be edjumd slmultat.tol.isly, If 1 long thlek..ss g1uge is not tvaiiJbte. use a septflte thickness 1 g1uges at each end, or use a strip of post card of thf proper thickn"s.'I AvoMf tt\4! magnet area of the flywheel whon adJusti-ng j,gnition coil eleara.nee. Speolfiod ....,._, 02-4.8mm (0.008-0.014 inI fi}OOi:l i3H FL YWMEEL PULLER 07935-- • DC CHARGING AND.LIGHTI NG CIRCUIT (Optional parts} HONDA BF!SO• BFI!!SA Routt the wim inddt the holder so tNt ttlty 6o not lnurlttt with the flywh•l •nd stcure thtm to the cylindtr block with tM 5 X Z2""" 121 COnnoct .... bonory .. .,.... -fn lht conoct polority. Af1of """'*llreued. SWITCH P SITION DEPRESSED • OIL PRESSURE SWITCH 11 Chedc die oil P"""'"· {P. 46 I 2) Sl*rt the engint and d'leck for comiooity between the oil pressure switch wire and ground. There si'H:Iuld be continuity. 3) If then is no continuity, repl.oe the oil pr'tSSUrt switch. HONDA BFSO•BFSA • OIL INDICATOR LAMP Connect the Bleck/Red wire to the 9 V dry cell positive termin.el and Black/Yellow wire 1:0 the negative terminaJ. The indiator lamp should come on. • FUSE/FUSE HOLDER (Optional part) Cheek 1:he fute for continuity. Install thtfute In the holdef and check the continuity. • D.C. RECEPTACLE (Optional part) After checking the fuse holder to be sure theft is continuitY through the fuse. short circuit the rectifier connector, end chec:k to be .,reth8fe is continuity .. the ..· terminals, • SILICONE RECTIFIER {Optional part) Using the R x 100 n range of the d'aital tester. check the resin· 1nce between the terminals. PINKII • CHARGING AND LIGHTING COILS (Qption.l port) M-.sutt tht rnittanct betwen eact1 t..-miNI oi 1M llmC) coil wlros. 38 HONDA BF50•BFI5A 5. EI&IIE REMOVAL 11 A.,._ •too .,.,. """'"· 1oosen me 6 • 12 """ flange boll er.i S .x 8 mm twx bolt. and remove tht c:hokt cab'e and throttlt rod. 2) Remove ttlt recoil stl!rte'! by remoo;inQ the two 8 X 12 mm flange bolts: end 6 x 14 mm fl.a.n. bott. 3. Dbconntct the throttle opener tube from .. arburtter and fuel bJbl hom tht tu•t pou:mp.. 4) Remove tht tttronle 'haftbracket bv removing the 6 x 12 mm !Ionge boll. 39 HONDA BF!SO· BFI5A 5) Pull tht throttlt 1haft out of the sngine housing •nd rM'Iov• the t,rottle ublt. · 8) Rt'mcwt the 6 JC 10m.mllanve bolt. Otsc.onnec:t eld'l wire connector. 7) Remove tht M'Ątf'l e ., 32 mm hex bolts arm two 6 X 40mm hp botu. tMn ,.1. thetng1nt andtemove it. Tlgmenn.ng torqur 1o-12 N·m(lQ0-120 kg-em.. 7.2-&? ft-lbl 40 HONDA BFBO•BF!SA HONDA BFSD•BFSA 6. CYUNDER HEAD/VALVE a. DISASSEMBLY/REASSEMBLY [1] INTAKEVALVEIEXHAUSTVALVE RE SSEMBLy, Cheek ttle velve head for carbon deposfu or pitting before installation. Oo not interchange the intake tnd txhavs:t valves. [3] CYLINDER HE ' REASSEMBLY: · Rtmovt the ca bon deposits from the oombunfon chamber. ·Check the vatve seat con.. efore installa1k>n. · Measute tht cylinder comprtt· sion fte inst llation, [2) CYLINDER HEAD GASKET R ASS MBLY: Cheek for tt:lrt or dtmege before installation. (17) PUSH ROD REASSE BLY: (18) PUSH ROD GUIDE (15) PIVOT BOLT 28-JO N·m 1280-300 20-22 ft·lb) CMc:k the center hole, pivot and push rod conuctlng surfaces for Mat before inualling. (7) VALVE ROT TOR !EXHAUST SIDE ONLYl • Slide the end of tht valv. stem si.de· W'aVl f om the cenut ..nd removethe retainer. · When servicing with the eylinOer head install.cl on the block, be cere· tul that the v-ve doe$ not tall into the ey\inder. [10) CYLIN ER HEAD BPRSES INGK) W16EPR·U INDI b. INSPECTION • VALVE SI'RING FREE LENGTH Measure tfle fr" ltr"'gth of the valve springs. Replace tht t.9rlngs if they art shontr thin the service limit. • VALVESEATWIOTH Mtawre the Yllvt seat width If the valve sen width is unct.r the standard, or over the service limit. tecondition the valwe seat. CP. 44} • CYLINDER HEAD Remove carbon deposits from the combustion chamber. Clean off any gasket material from the cylinder heed surface. ..edt lhe sperk plug hole end vetV'I areas for crtok.s. Check the c:ytinder heed for Wlrptgt with a stra9tt edge and • foolcltr -· • VALVE STEM 0.0. Inspect udl valva for face irregularities, bending or ibnor al sttm wear. Rap&ac:e tht valve if l'teCIINry. MtaNre and record each valve stem 0.0. N RD SERVICE LIMIT Repltoe the velvt if thtlr 0.0. is smaller than tt'le Hrviee limit. 42 HONDA BF60 •BF!5A o VALVE GUIDE I.D. NOTe: Ream the vatw guides to remove JOY c:atbon deposits before measuring. Me.uurt and record each valveguide 1.0. ReplaCI the guides If t..ev are over the service limit. • VALVE GUIDE·TO·STEM CLEARANCE Su.bitct each valw stem 0.0. from the corrtspondlng ..Ide 1.0. to obtain the ttem·to..ide dearance. If the sum•to91Jdt cttarance exceeds the Mrviee limit, determine If the new gu da wrth rttndard dimensions would bring the dearance within tol4'rtnee. If so, replace any ..ide 15 nec:esuryJnd ream to fit. If the stem-to-guide claarenca excefds the service \imit with new guides, replace the valve as well. 1) Using the Vthe GukM Driver (Specltl tooH, drive out the vat .. guides from the combunion d1-mbtr side of t e cylinder head. 2• Clean the vtlve IJI.I de bores in the cylinder hud. Apply elMO oil to the new guides, and drive in the nlve guides from tM rocll:er ann side of the cy1indet' hud unttl the vtlvt guide depth is thesp4M;ification. 43 HONDA BF!SD•BFBA [1) VALVE GUIDE DRIVER No. 07942-3280100 3) After lnltlllklg the n.w valve guicln, rum tht guidH with the Guldt R-1< Ctpoc:;o l tooll. AI.. turn tht rumer c:lodcwhe, nntr coum:ttdockwiw. Continue to tum the ,..,.... as you pull it 01.1t of the whe ll"ldts. d. VALVE SEAT RECONDITIONING 1) Rta.rftcl 1tlt VIM IUt wkh a 45* cutter. rttnOving only enough mlttrial toproduce 1 smooth Wid concentric 111t. Turn tnt cutt•r cloC:kWitt, never coun..rckx:kwltt. Continue to tum 1ht cutttr 11 you lift it: from tht v1tve 2) UN 1 32* wtter to naff'OW tht sut to aundatd wldd1, then make 1 light pu1 wilh thit 46° cutter to J'1mO\II •nv posibtt burrs tttht tell' Dfthe tNt. 3t After rt1Urfacing mt sat, inspect for .lf'l V11ve IINtii"'SS. Apptv pn.alln bh"' compound to u. valvt f ... if'llt'tt the vii.,., chin lift it • fNP it: doted 191inn 1he -teWr.l dmt. The VIM ••ting aufece, IS shown by the: pi'UIJi8'1'1 bJ-.. __.,.,,thould "-good-Ill 11>1 W1Y- 4) Aftn cutting tht seat, t..y leppino compound to the v1tw ftct, and lap the vtlve using light pmaurt. After ltppiOIJ, WMh tnV ft'llduel compound off tne ovllndtr httd and valve. 44 HONDA BF50•BFI!IA (1) ITANIWIDVALvtiE.ATW1D'Ill (1) HAHOVALVE ..-ER 7. OIL PAM . Drl..e 1 MW oil seal into tht oil l)ltl until it bottoms with its mMkings ftcing up. · A.poty g,.Ht to the wal lip and be Clrtful not to dim19t the lip when lnttrdng the intothtKtl. DRIVERNo. 0 4&-0010000ATTACHMENT, ;r7mm No. 077-...0010200 PILOT. 25mm HONDA BFISO•BFeiA (2] COUPLING SEAL I25 x 40x 14 mml RUSSEMBl.Y: Atm insulli.nt the oU Mill, instatl a MW coupling loNI wing a following tools. ATTACHMENT.-40 """ No. 0 4&-0010200 PILOT, 21mm lx12 ... (14) OIL PUMP OUTER Alig!l lho tlrts on tht pump Jheft 1nd rcnor. Apply s.tlitlg agent to the threeds 1f'\d mttlng aurf.a. Do not Warm up the engine and measure tN oil pressure when the oil amperature i' go•c (1 4°F). 3) If the oil prt'SIUre i$ tow. check thebodyand rotors for wear ordamage. Check the check valve. Do not roioo 1M.,.1no tpood ,_INn 2,600mln'1 lrpml until the oil indicnor light oomn on. • PUMP BODY 10 • INNER ROTOR· TO-OUTER ROTOR CLEARANCE 46 HONDA BF!SO·BF!SA ..[1[ OIL PRESSURE GAUGE · 'loom-ly ..ailoblol • OUTER ROTOR HEIGHT • PUMP BODY DEPTH • ROTOR-TO-BODY SIDE CLEARANCE 47 HONDA BF!5D•BF!5A 8. CRANKSHAFT /PISTON o. DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY • CRANKSHAFT/PISTON [1] CAMSHAFT ASSEMBLY: HONDA BF50•BFI5A Align the timing marks on the crankshaft end camshaft, and install. [1].1 AMSHAF MECHANICAL DEC PRE OR Before inmlllng. inspect tor womor ed springs, and ct.ck th1t the decompressor weight is moving smooth y. lntert one end af the clip into the groove in the pino , then inrttll tht othtr end by tuming tht clip. Instill with the ••&" IT\Itk on the pimn loel"!! t e push rod side. PIS ON SLIDER (91 ·1 48 lmtaJI by preuing ln firmty until contlct is made wl1h tht btarh'G I ASSEMBLY, AAEMBLY P.50 • PISTON RING Install _.. ring witttm:.,tdnp facing u:p. 8t canful not to lnwch.-.ge the toP and teCOnd ri"Do After inst11111lon. be surt the r'ingl route frMiy in the pirton 9fOOH. Sl)eCe th• pinon ringend 91P5 120.t apa:n. ----KJ (1] TOI'; (CHROME ----· -· • PL TED! -----SECOND ..........b (3] OIL • BREATHER CHAMBER [1) IIIEATtiER ..HAMlER C P Do not fortt1: to insult. or oil will be IOn "-"" the-· Check few dogging or d.imege brfon instilling, 49 HONDA BF&O•BF!SA (I] TDPRINO {I) SECOND lUNG ASSEMBLY: o TIMING GEAR REMOVAL: 1) Make • mark on tht cnnkshlft and timing vear _u shown. 2) Remove the timing oett using e hydraulic preu. INSTALLATION: 1) Using the okl gear for reterenee, mark • line at the 'amt posi· tion on the new gear. 2} Use a hydraulic press and the Driver {special tool) to press on ttw new timing gear with tt\t reference marks aligned. o CRANKSHAFT BEARING (6205) REMOVAL: Drive out thecrtnk.shaft bearing. INSTALLATION: Apply •ntfn• oil to tM bearing and driwe the btaring in using the Oriwer, Anac:hment and Pilot (special tools). 50 HONDA BFI50•BFI5A . I I.•l_.,.-;;;RAULICPRESS (2) DRIVER, 40 mm No.077460-0030100 ATTACHMENT, 25mm • ·• ·"-' No. 111 .. (1] DRIVER No. 0774---0010000 (2] ATTACHMENT 152x 55mmt No. on4&-oo10400 (3] PILOT (25 mmt No.On46-0040600 • OIL SEAL SSEMBLY' 1) Drive the oil seal in using the Driver end Atuctlmem (speeitl tools). 2) Apply greMt to the lip of the oil seal. b. INSPECTION • CRANKSHAFT BEARING FREE PLAY 1) Cle1n the beating in solvtnt .,d dry it. 2) Spin the t..aring by hand and chicle for play. Repll08 the btt.rlng If it is noisy or ttas excessive play. • CYLINDER 1.0. SERVICE LIMIT • PISTON SKIRT 0.0. STANDARD • PISTON·TO·CYLINOER CLEARANCE 0.10mm 51 HONDA BF5D•BF!5A [1] DRIVER No.OT748-0010000 • PIS ON RING SIDE CLEARANCE T I'ISEOO D/ • PISTON RING END GAP 0. I ll-0.31i mm Beton measuring tfle: end gap, use the piston toO to position the ri g so itwill notbe cocked in thecylinder bore. • PISTON PIN O.D. SERVICE LIMIT • PISTON PIN HOLE I.D. • PISTON PIN·TO·PISTON PIN HOLE CLEARANCE 0.04mm (0.002 In) 52 (I) PISTON RING HONDA BFSO·BF5A I o CONNECTING ROD SMALL END I.D. STANDARD SERVICE LIMIT o CONNECTING ROD BIG END I.D. o CRANKPIN O.D. o CONNECTING ROD BIG END OIL CLEARANCE (RADIAL) 1) Cteen aU oil from the trU'Ik pin and conn•eting rod bt&rin$ surfiCIS. 2} Pl10e • pieceof planigaugeon the crank pin. insU!I the c:on­necti"SJ rod. and ttghten the bolu to tht specified totqu•. SPECIFIED TORQUE: 1..14 N·m 1 1..140 kg-em. 87-i21 '"'II>) 53 HONDA BF!5D•BF!5A 3) Removt the connecting rod and measure the planigavge. STANDARD 4}If the cltlr. ct exOMds the service limit, replace the con· neeting rod and recheck the clearance. • CONNECTING ROD BIG END AXIAL CLEARANCE 10.004-0.028 in) • CAMSHAFT JOURNAL O.D. • CAM HEIGHT 54 HONDA BFSD•BF!5A • CAMSHAFT BEARING 1.0. • CRANKSHAFT OIL PAN BEARING 0.0. • OIL PAN MAIN BEARING 1.0. • CRANKSHAFT·TO.MAIN BEARING CLEARANCE O.D1 nvn 55 HONDA BF&O•BF!IA 9. THIIITTLE CABlE/HANDLE Replace if the di phragm rubber isdeterioreted Or da... When installing to the throttl• $heft br8JCket, adjust dist nce between tht adjusting nut end 1n<1 brecket to 8.7 t 1 mm 10.34 : 0.041n). [17) THROTTLE SHAFT Afterinstallingthe di*Phragm to me brldctt. installthe br..eket beingeareful thlttht diaphregm roct doe$ not interfNewithtM throttle link. Hook one end of the p,rw. spring to the-lugon tM piW4 and install the pewt, After installing the throttle bracket to tht throttle shaft. unhookthe spring end ..nd hook it to the bracket. (151·1 THROTTLE SHAFT 56 HONDA BFEiO•BF5A Hook the ends tl) the throttle link and 3 x 32 mm spring pin as (6).1 THROTTLE LINK ·23x32mm SPRII\IG PIN 10 mm PLAIN WASHER (B) THROTTLE SHAFT SPRING REASSEMBLY: Hook the endsto the shift sh.aft tnd lug on the engine housing as shown. 3x 18mm SPRING PIN Drive out and in wtttl 1 commer· dalty IVIiltble pin driver, 3 mm or specilltool. (12) THROTTLE CABLE REASSWBLY: P.22 N·.m (17 25 kg-em.1.8fHb) REASSEMBLY: Install on the engine housing together with the choke cable OUUf. • ENGINE HOUSING with ttle cut (13) SHEAR PIN AND COTTER PIN HOLDER (10) 57 Cleirtil p.asuge with compre:ned air, and install on the •noine FUEL TUBE (3.8 • 300mml HONDA BF5D•BF!SA [7) 8•18- HEX IIOLT (4) [8] 6 ,... HEX NUT (41 • HANDLE/SHIFT SHAFT (2].1 THROT LE CAlLERoutt tht lhronlt firn, then lilt tntlnt STEERING switch wires.. HANDLE [4)( ScrM Into ,. -i-19 Nndle 1nd route tht wir• • shown. (Ill STEERING ASSE-LY: lntttll with tM cut out t.:::ing 58 (141 HANDLE RUIBER MOUNTING 121 ASSEMBLY: Chtck for ..racks or d•mage btfor. lntUitlation. (Ill STEERIN HANDLE STOP HONDA BFEiD•BFI!IA lNG HANDLE WEIGHT RUIIaER GRIP AIRMILY: (81 LINKAGE IUCIIING ASSEIBLY: Afterinstalling tho buthlng on the shift shift. lnMrt !hecom rod tnd hold It bycum.ing the I:Juthing. l•llnwn HEX BOLT (11] STEERING HANDLE LATE Attar instilling dM l'l'Mri"f hn:tle on ttw mount ft.mt. -,.--· ..... mg.inr rtDp .witch wi,. •--., ...cs lnrttllmeptm on the hlndle. (111·1. STEERING 1111-4 ®THROTTLE (111 -3 CAllE ENGINE HONDA BF!5D•BF5A 10. EXTENSION CASE/SWIVEL CASE/STERN BRACKET Cannot rel"nnW from ..· case side. ASS MBLY; lnsull the water tubt grommet on th-e exhaust d\ambtt pll'te,tflen connect th-t water tube as shown. [1]·1 GR..ET (1}2 EXHAUSTCHAMBER PLATE ltB)L..R EXHAUST CHAMBER PLATE ASSEMBLY; Check for cracks or wur end install. (1&) INSPECTION PLUG (15) tnsull the shift rod Aand rewene lock shaf . VERTICAL SHAFT (3)·1 SHIFT ARM Appfy m..ybdenum grtllit to the •rr.tlon" tmull the upper end on the c:ranksNtt tnd IOM-r end on the pinion lhaft by rotating [3]-3 SHIFT ROO A Nott 1Minsta.UI'tton direction. (4)·1 EXTERIOR• UPPER RUBBER MOUNT !2) ASSEMBLY; (8] MOUIIITING FRAME Install aliening the tab with the swiMI shaft ASSEMBLY; [12}1 EXTENSION CASE Cheek for creeksort"'"' then install t with me spherical surface facing txttn· $ioncase. Check for crack or tor and install. 59 • REVERSE LOCK HONDA BF50•BF!5A Hook the both ends on th-e re'o'ertt lock plate. (e) REVER E LOCK OOK Right and kft SJ)rinp art not lntttchangea_Oie. Hook the one end of tht spring on the revene lode hook ..nd o1h.. tM to th. renrse lock plate, •.. shown. (4) REVER E LOCK BOLT ASSEMBLY: HONDA BFSD•BF5A Check for weer, cr$Cic$ ordamage and insull aligning the liner grOO'W'e with the tab on tht twi'V'el (2) 8 mm THRUST WASHER Drive In and out of the ldjusting rodusing a commercially avallable pin drivtr, 2 mm or special tool. 119) (18) DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY: Drive in 1nd out using a commtr· cillly aveileble pin driver, 4 mm or special toot After inrtaiHng the moum frame on the swivel apply grease using the gun. 61 (13) TILT SHA T DrW. into tht swivtl case using the special tools. rrt?Fl No. 0 4&-0010000 ATTACHMENT. 32 x 36 N.. 0774&-0 10100 PILOT, 28mm No. 0 46-0041100 {11) H OK RETURN SPRING Install with tht spring ends on tht tilt arm and the c:entlr • •lnst the swivel cese. Install the tilt trm with tht hook. return spring on the twivel cue, using tM tilt .haft and 6 mm htx nut. When tn.st.tlling on the stem briCket:, align ttle titt .-m rod with tM stem btadctt groc:wt. HEX BOLT HONDA BF!5D•BFSA 11. GEAR CASE REMOVAL 1) Place the shift ltvtr in the "FORWARD" positiOn. 2) RtmoĄe the inspection plug from the eJ with -84" ,, : GEA"ft SHIM (GEAR CASE SIDE) B :PINION WASHER SHIM B 0.10 mm (0.004 in) WASHER B 1 Jl6 mm (0.041 in) x 1 4 :GEAR SHIM SHIM C O.IS mm (0006 1n) x 1 (PROPELLER SHAFT HOLDER SIDEI 66 HONDA BF!50•BF!5A (2) PINION SHAFT (4) PINION WASHER (6] PINION IIEVEL GEAR 7] PROPELLER SHAF (8] fORWARD lEVEL GEAR 0 SHIMA 1 O.OS mm (0.002 In)" SHIMB 1 0.10 mm(0.004 in) =-SHIMC 1 GEAR SHIM (PROPŁUER SHAFT HOLDER SIDE) -2 SHIMA 1 O.OS mm (0.002 In) 3 SHIMS 1 0.10 mm (0.004 in) 4 1 0.15 mm (0.006 in) HONDA BFEiD•BF!SA Remove tht &hifttr pin from the propeller shaft. u-Sing 1 3.0 IM'I pin dtivtr. Thin remove the push (5) SHIFTŁA PIN ASSEMBLY: [2) PIN FLARING TOOL No. 0781a-ZV1o0oo Align tt.. holet in the shifter clutch, propell.r shift •rw:l t)UII'I rod, 1nd lnMrt • new lhifta p;n into tht hot.$. b. INSPECTION • PINION SHAFT 0.0. SERVICE LIMIT o GEAR CASE BUSHING 1.0. o PINION SHAFT·TCl-BUSHING CLEARANCE o PROPELLER SHAFT 0.0. o BEVEL GEAR 1.0. 68 HONDA BFSD•BFISA 13. Fill TANK 11) 8• 11 """ HEX BOLT121 HONDA BFEiO•BFI5A (21 FUEL LINECONNECTOR A (3)FUEL LINE CONNECTOR B (6) OUTLET VALVE ... .. ., ,'"'".."""' (8) SHORT FUEL LINE (18) LONG FUEL LINE 8(7) TOOLBOX LATCH A(I) FUEL LINE CONNECTOR e TOENGINE flolit for tmOOth Chldt fot clogging or dam­lilt tne1 tll)lact if MCti-(IS) FUELTANK Scr.w itt10 me fuel cap ell the: wev. then MCUrtwith the lock pin. 69 FUELCAPACITY: 1311tlr (I.. FUEL CAP {3.4 us1111,Uimp1111J WISh 'Cht tll"'k with solvent to . ......,.. .timon.. ond dry it CAPGASKET V. OPTIONAL PARTS HONDA BF50•BF!5A 1. REMOTE CONTROL BRACKET KIT 2. DC CHARGING AND LIGHTING KIT I. REMOn CllfTROL BRACKET KIT • KIT PARTS PART NAME STEERING BRACKET I 2 17..ZV1-810 CONTROL LEVER I 3 24818-ZVI-810 SHIFT PIVOT 1 4 17864-ZVI-810 CONTROL ADJU TING NUT B I 5 17868-ZVI-810 I 6 17867-ZVI-810 CONTROL ADJUSTING NUT A 1 7 CONTROL CABLE GROMMET I 17865-ZVI-10 THROnLE ROD 1 9 17946-ZVI.. LINKAGE BUSHING 2 10 17886-ZVI-10 CONTR OL LEVER BUSHING I II 90506-ZVI-10 14 mm WAVE WASHER I 12 9050&--ZVI-QOO 14mmWASHER I 13 90452-GK4-600 5 mm PLAIN WASHER 3 14 90013-ZVG-000 6 < 12 mm FLANGE BOLT IStlf·-ing) 1 IS 90002-ZGG-920 5 x 10 mm FLANGE BOLT 4 16 90013-ZV1-000 6 x 14 mm FLANGE BOLT (S.If·ue>plng) 3 17 90757-ZV1-000 5.0 mm LOCK PIN I 94103-06200 6 mm PLAIN WASHER 70 • INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1) Rem-ove the reeoil startw and throttle cable, 2} InsUlt the stHring bracket on the motoc's ctrrving handle, using thfH6x 14 mm flange botu (self·tapping). 3) RtmoYe the plug from the engine housing, tnd install tht c:omrol c:1ble grommet. 4} Scnw tht cootrot adJusting nutA or B onto the throttle cable of Che remote c;ontrol unit, then inwrt into tn. grommet hole. Control adjusting nut A: with dowel Control adjusting nut B: · without dowel 71 HONDA BFEiO•BF!5A (1] STEERING BRACKET e. 14mm {3) 5) When thtremot9 controlisnotequippedwith tM dowel system: Installtht throttle S9f'lng over the control ldjunin; ootB and pass through the control lever,tMn tightenthe locknut. The throttle cable enda:hould protri.Jd. 3-4mm (0. 12-<1.16 int Irom tht lc>ek nut. Whentheremote control is tQUipped wittl tile dowel system: Passmethrottlecab.. throughthe control lever and then tighten thetocknut.The throtde cable end should protrude 3-4mm {0.12-0.16 in) from the tod< nut. 61lnmllthe control le..o.eronthe engine housing us;ing e 6 x 12 mm flange boh helf·topping). 7) lnsttll the thrott.. rod on theshiftshaft and tiM oontrollevtr using the l!nk• bushi... 72 HONDA BF!SO•BFEiA 8) Clamp th• ttHonft cable them to the stterinQ br«::ttet. using 5x 10 mm flt1190 bolu. 9) Clamp the lhltt Cllbht ahllth to the netting bradttt. u1ing S)( 10 mm fltngt bol11. 10) S...W tho lll>lft pivot ..,to tho 1Mt coble. 1-rt n shift pivot Into ·-of thl ohift ..._ hoi... occording to till ltr'Otct required for Nmcn. control operation. Instill 6 mm pllin Wtthtrt ot1 tN lhfft pivot tll'ld secure with the 5 mm lodepin. SHIFT LEVER STROKE SHIFT LEVER HOLE 11) When tho ......... -ol io ""' -lppod wlth tho - cto.ko: Adjcnt the throttlt spting leng'th to 9--10 mm (0..0.39 in) With 1ht 1ttrottlt Clbte ldju.tmetnt dewiee at t1w mnote contrololcle. 12) Oltck opentlon by·QPtrltint theremota control. HONDA BF!SD• BFI!SA HONDA BFSC•BFSA 2. DC CHARGING AND LIGHTING KIT o KIT PARTS .. .. 0631Q-ZV1-810 3110Q-ZV1-810 3151Q-ZV1-B10 31511-Z\11-810 3165Q-ZVI-Oo3 317Do-ZV1-003 31852-881-004 90014-Z\11-00a 90015-Z\Io-ooo 90016-Z\11-000 90019-Z\11-000 DC charging and lighting kh 1 Flywhotl (DC) 1 Chtrging and 1ightlnt coH (12 V-26Wl 2 Wire ct•mp 1 Eltettical ptug-and receptacle 1 u.wmbly Rectifier autmblv 1 Phov I 6 • 22 mm oeH--lng bolt 2 6 x 28 mm self· tapping bolt 4 6 x 36 mm self-tapplng bolt 1 5 x 10 mm self·tiPPing bolt 1 .. Rn.rtopege10 forwiringdi.egram. • Refer to page 35 for rnmUation. VI. OPERATION 1. LUBRICATION SYSTEM 2. COOLING SYSTEM 3. POWER TRAIN 4. FUEL SYSTEM 1. LIIIRICATION SYSTEM a. OIL CIRCULATION HONDA BF60•BF!5A 5. NEUTRAL START SYSTEM 6. THROTTLE OPENER SYSTEM 7. HALF THROTTLE SYSTEM. The oil pump driWS oil through a nraim.r in the oil pan and supplies it under pressure to the lower main bearing and connecting rod journ1L Othtr engine Plrts receive lubrication from the oii U'IIt is thrown off the crenksheft either diree"tly in the form of splash lubrication, or indirectly in the form of oil mist. Tht brelther ehll"t''bret. 10Cited at the upper main buring, aliOW1 cunkeae ventilation while PRYtntJng air that IIIVtS the crankcase from Ulcing oil with it. b. OIL PUMP The oil pump ii 1 vochoid type and c:orni.sts of an if'W'It'r ro..or, outer rotor and a pwnp body. The inner rotor isdriven by the C11'1'1$htft and cau..n tht outer rotor to wrn with it. As this happens, the spactt bnwHn the rotor lobes become fiHed with oiL Then, when the lobes of the inner rotor m.. into tMsptoes in the outer rotor.tht oil Is squtu:ed out through tht outlet. When the pressure rises to the Pftttt value (3.5 :t 0.4 k.glcm'. 50 :t 5.7 psl), the check valve opens and oil flows back to the ..- . c. OIL PRESSURE WARNING SYSTEM An oil pl'1ssure switch is installtd in the oil pes$8Qe in the oil p.an and sensts oH pressure from the oil pump. When the oil pres-­ sure is more than·the preset v•tue (0.3 % 0.1 kofcm2• 4.3 t 1.4 psi), the oil pnaurw switCh ciOSH 1nd the oil wtrnins light comes on. [1) BREATHER CHAMBER [2) CRANKPIN STRAINER [5) OIL PUMP [7) OIL PRESSURE SWITCH [eJ OIL CHECK VALVE 75 2. COOUIIG SYSTEM a. WATER CIRCULATION HONDA BF50·BF15A Water enten lhe inltt ir'l tht front of the gear cese. The Wit.,. pump, located Just abovt: the gear cast pumps the water through 1 tube in lh:e extension case to the engine. where It circulates through 1 Wltff jacket surrounding the cylinder ond cylinder heed. Water le.;ves the engine water jacket by draining througb the W1ttr chtdt hoJe and by flowing through the thermonat to the txh.urt manifold. Water fklw'ing from the exhaust rNnifold mixes with the exhaust 9U in the eJCtension ease and exits through the exhaust pon abo\le the J)I'Ope:ller. · · b. WATER PUMP Thewater pump Is an Impeller tv'Pt drivtn by tht pinion shaft 1nd loarttd in the getr cae. c. THERMOSTAT Tht thermon:a't is locrted at tht water Jicktt outlet. abcwe the cylinder head. Its pufl)Oie is to stlblllu engine operating temperl'tUre byregulating the volume ofwaur flowing through the engine wwter j.ecket, When the engine isc:otd,the thermostat remains doled rettrfcting wawr fkMthrough tht tngine wamrjtc:ktt As theengine wanm up. the thennortlt opens, allowing more Wlter toflowtht'CMJQh tne wrttr jecket. 111 THERMOSTAT 121 EXHAUSTMANI (4) WATER TUBE 76 3. POWER TRAIN HONDA Cranksluh rotation is transmitted to the bevel gear and propeller shaft through the verdcal shaft and pinion shaft. (71 SHIFT ROD PINION SHAFT (&J PROI'ELLER SHAFT BEVEL GEAR a: FORWARD When the shat t.Ytr is I1'JOY«< to ttM "FORWARD" pooitlon. the $hitl rod is rai.d (direction A), tUowing the shiftw clutch to mo'it by IP!'Ing pres· sure toward the forward bevel gear {direction B). The shifterdutch tn(allts the fofward bevel geer, locking it wthe propeller shaft. Pinion matt rotation, trtnsmitted thr01.9'1 the forward bevel gear, then rotJtts the propwner shaft 1n dirKtionC. 111 SHIFT SHAFT (7) PINION (81 BEVEL PINION b. NEUTRAL Whtn tht shift levtr Is t1'lO'Hd to the "NEUTRAL"position, the shift rod is .. to ttw middkl of its range of trawt, fofcing the thifttr etutc::h out of eng.gement with either bevel gar. Pinion shtft rotation then cMns the b.vel getrs freely, without tnmsrnitting any rotation tothe propeller stl-lft. SHIFT LEVER (9) REVERSE BEVEL GEAR FORWARD (51 PROPELLER SHAFT GEAR (4) SHIFTER CLUTCH c. REVERSE When the shtft ttvW Is moved to the "REVERSE" position, the shift rod is lowtt'ed (dirteticm 0), forcing the shifter dutch into engeoemtnt with the rewne btwtl ge.-(direction E), lockrng the rtYerte ·bfvtl gur to the propeUer sheft. Pinion shaft rowtkm. u-.nwnitted "'""'gh tho ....... -1 -· tt>on totaUil the J)n)peller shaft in direction F. ..I F 4. FUEL SYSTEM a. FUEL FLOW HONDA BF!SD·BFSA The fuel line eonntcting the fuel tank to the oumo.rd motor is eQuipped with a primer bulb that is used to flU the s:vstem with fuel to stan tht e..ine. After starting, the engine fuel pump JNintalns ilit flow of fuel to the carburetor. The sytt:em contains two fuel filters; one filter is located inside thlt fuel tank, and .-.other filter is located inthe outbo,aird motor, on the line th.a1 ..lids to the fuel pump inlet. b. FUEL PUMP Tht h.ttl pump Is 1 diaphngm type, located on the cylinder block aNi driven by8 cam on the engine camWft. (1) CARBURETOR (8) FUELPUMP (6) FUEL FILTER 78 (4) FUEL LINE CQ!IINECTOR [3) BULB CONNECTOR 5. IIEUTRAL START SYSTEM a. DESCRIPTION HONDA BF!SD•BF!SA The neutral start symm pmttntt the rt<»il rurter from belng operated unlts:s tht shift lever is In tM "NEUTRAL'·' position. b. CONSTRUCTION A spring-loaded pawt blocks the recoil starter by butting against one of the four pro;ettK»m on d;lt elrcumftrenct of the recoil Nrter. A cam rod, connected to tht ahift ln•r detent ptatt, wlthdrrM tht .. only when the shift lever Is moYfd to the cent.r ("NEUTRAL ..) position. [7)CAM c. OPERATION The Clft'l rod pulls the otUtrll rtwt PMVI Millay from the recoil staJUr, allowing the SUrter to rotate. When the shift ltvtr ls in "FORWARD" or ''REVERSE" posi· tlon: The cam rod releases the neutrtl surt P8WI, which swincp egainst the ftCOil IUrtlf' by spring prnsure. If tht ltarttf grip Is pulled, the P8'W'I butts 191imt one of the pro .. ons on the recoil tUrtef' and blockseny furtht1' motion. 79 [4) STA.RT..'R ORIP HONDA. BFI50•BFI5A 6. THROTTU OPEIIER SYSTEM 1. DESCRIPTION Thtthrotth opentt l"f$tee''"' ellowl tht cart:lumot throttle valve to open tO tht mon tultlbte polition for rtartino (IA)rox.. 9'). fttn if the throttle grip ts in tnt PQ$ition. Sttfl.ingability Is ore.tty fmptcwld by this systtm. b. CONSTRUCTION Tht carburetor throttle Wtw is connectedto tht throttle link by tht ttlrottlt rod. Tht dltphragm rod contacu tht tlvottlt li.nk. TMdi.P,r.gm chambet Is conntcttd to the Intake manifold with the rubber tubt whk:h has • chtdc 'ill". [II THROTTLE VALVE (51 RUBBER TUBE c. OPERATION hfOft sunlno the qlne: The intake menifold end di.llphrtgm ctwmbtr trt u..r avno-. opllorlc -· to "'" diephnem tpting _... "'" diaphrogm rod to puth ....,.. tile -link, pullint tile cort>u,.... throttit rod. This ll"'()lll'ft the ttwous. ...,., • openl"t thl throt'tte' .,.h-1 apswoxlmatlty a• Afur nartJng thl enalne: Thl VICUUm p;od ad in the intlke manifold is applied to the diophrwem. Tho d"""ri"'l pmsuro rotates tht throtUt ll:nk dockwise. This pl.dhtl 0... 1hrottlt rod. mov..nvtnt throtdt lever lliJiinst ltJ nop, W'hlch clolft the throt· rlt velw ll'd tnows thtqine toidlt. 80 111... Bolon ............,_[II .. Aft11o•• 6,00()-.5,300 'l>< (Serial No. 1100001 ond subaoquantl ond BFSA Outboard Motor (Serial No. 1000001·1099999), and the dillego (30°-5° -70°) ENGINE Type T l pinon dl..,._,..t Single cylinder, .. stroke. wattr cooled, Ytrtic:af OHV 127 c:m1 (7,7 c:u in) 5.0 PS/5,000 rpm Fuefconsumption ratio 310g/f'S.h 10.68 1b/PS·hl Cooling system Forced water circul•tl011 by lmpelltr pump with thermostat Ignition sytttm Transistotized magneto Ignition timing 25• BTOC ixed Spark plug INGKJ BPRSES, INOI W18EPR·U Ctrburttor Horizontal type, buntrfly velvet lubrication system Pressure lubrication by trochoid pump Lub